The 3-day bouldering session named V4 BOULDER SESSION 2020 was already the third V4 youth group climbing training. It took place from 6th to 8th March in a new bouldering gym BLOCK DOCK in Bratislava. The session was financially supported by Visegrad Fund and organized by Lezecká akadémia. National climbing associations of Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia were partners of the project. They gave V4 session nominations to 10 athletes and 2 coaches from each country. Together there were almost 70 young climbers, coaches and organisers.

Friday´s programme was divided into 4 sections. There were 2 bouldering parts dealing with jumping and balance bouldering sequences lead by Katja Vidmar and Simon Margon, the Slovenian routesetters. They were assissted by David Zavacký from Slovakia.

Coordination and cooperation parts were supported by Silva Rajfová nad Lucia Rajfová, the Czech climbing coaches. Athletes enjoyed this part a lot, it was full of laughter and good mood.

On Saturday all athletes joined a bouldering competition simulation. The qualification took 3 hours in the morning. And in the afternoon, there were the finals where all the organisers and coaches played an important roles of judges and staff needed to smoothly run the competition.

The athletes who did not get into finals took a chance to commentate the finals. They received the basic info from the isolated climbers which enhanced the V4 friendship even more. Session continued on Sunday with fun bouldering and giving more trials on the boulders from finals of the comp simulation. Athletes from all V4 countries built even closer bonds and friendships that will last in the next years.

There is always a good reason to say Thank you. Thank you goes to all the V4 young climbers for climbing hard with the skin loss and taping and through the pain untill the session ended. And for taking the competition seriously and climbing fairly.

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